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Maxine Laceby

Maxine and Eva hair Q&A

For many of us, male or female our hair is our defining feature, our crowning glory. Hair thinning or loss in condition can have a huge impact on our confidence.

February 21, 2020

Maxine and Eva hair Q&A

February 21, 2020

Maxine sat down with Eva Proudman, top consultant Trichologist to answer your hair questions.

How quickly will collagen have an effect on my hair?

Absolute Collagen increases sebum levels in the hair, this can help improve dry brittle hair texture. The effects of this are seen within 4 weeks. Regarding hair growth the hair cycles every 4 months, we do like to say take it for a minimum period of 4 months to see changes relating to thinning, this doesn’t mean you won’t see results quicker than this.

Eva Proudman of UK Hair Specialists said after just a fortnight of testing: “Oh my goodness! Everyone is reporting smoother hair, less tangling, more shine – one lady has really coarse hair and it’s smooth after two weeks!”

See image below taken on day 1 and day 49.

Before and after hair growth light hair Absolute Collagen

Before and after hair growth dark hair Absolute Collagen

Since taking absolute Collagen I have noticed a reduction of hair in my brush- is this related directly to the collagen?

Most probably, one of the biggest reasons we see excessive hair fall is because we have an imbalance and quite often this is in the diet. It is about the volume of protein that you need everyday, as a functioning female adult you need about 55 grams of absorbed protein everyday. As an example, a 120 gram chicken breast gives you about 20 grams of protein and 100 grams of chickpeas only gives you 7grams. So when you think this little sachet gives you 8 grams with all the essential amino acids in, that can make a real difference to the hair. If your protein intake is low, Absolute Collagen is a brilliant way of getting it up to where we need it to be, so most definitely it could be a factor in seeing less hair in the brush.

Can Absolute Collagen help with hair loss or hair falling out?

Hair loss can be caused by many underlying factors; if the hair is experiencing fall out due to it lacking vitamins, minerals or amino acids, yes definitely. The unique sequence of amino acids formulated in Absolute Collagen are able to support the hair in providing conditions for it to thrive. It is important to find the root cause of the issue, but Absolute Collagen can definitely be used as part of a treatment plan.

1. Lack of vitamins & minerals

2. Stress

3. Illness (i.e. temperature rise from a virus)

What effect will collagen have on my hair?

I think the most noticeable effect is the overall condition, it feels a lot smoother, slicker, shinier and more manageable. You don’t need as much product to make your hair do the things you want it to do and that is a direct result of Absolute Collagen. This is better than anything you buy to rub in or add to the hair, if it’s coming from within it’s much better for you and for your hair.

I'd like to know... if my daughter, aged 20 can take this collagen as she gets dandruff and itchy scalp?

Absolutely, in the trail we had a lady and a man both who had eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and that affects the scalp. What we saw was a massive reduction in the inflammation and the flaking went down. It was far more manageable with a really good shampoo and they weren’t using any prescribed steroids that will thin the skin. They were managing it with a combination of Absolute Collagen and a super shampoo. There is no age restriction with Absolute collagen, it is a 100% Natural product and naturally helps your body to produce collagen. In our earlier years our body continues to produce it but as we get old our body stops. Some people produce more than others so find that they need the extra collagen to help with their hair skin and nails.

I have a very pink scalp which and my hair is thinning, what can be done?

With the hair thinning, it depends what’s happening to make the hair thin. There are many different conditions, if you get an appointment and get an accurate diagnosis, Absolute Collagen can be a part of a complete treatment plan. There are many different things it could be, Absolute Collagen will definitely help but what you really need is a diagnosis so we can give you a full treatment plan specific to you.

Can Collagen help with dry, Brittle hair?

Collagen has actually been effective in treating dry, brittle hair – helping to maintain these healthy moisture levels. This is because hydrolysed collagen will bind moisture to your hair by attracting and retaining it there. This will starve breakage and allow the hair to continue to grow rather than breaking off.

Can collagen help with grey hairs?

We have cells called melanocytes, these help to produce melanin and melanin helps to produce the colour in your hair. Typically, ladies from around 35 and men from around 30 start to develop grey hair because those melanocytes are not so effective. By taking Absolute Collagen, because of the amino acids that keep the cells renewed, it can keep the melanocytes active for longer which keeps the colour in your hair for longer, so you don’t need to have your hair dyed as often.

Why is collagen good for the hair?

It is a little unknown but the hair cell is the second fastest (and hungriest) dividing cell in our bodies, it divides every 23 to 72 hours and it requires 25% of our daily protein intake and all 8 essential amino acids that we can only obtain from our diets. Amino acids are also responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair and support the natural growth cycle. One such amino acid found in Absolute Collagen is cysteine which is very important for the hair, as it forms the covalent disulphide bonds (the strongest bonds found in the hair) and is essential to hair health. Each sachet of Absolute Collagen contains 7.7g of protein.

Why does menopause make my hair dry?

Menopause is a massive problem area for hair, this may become drier than usual as your sebum glands may not be working as effectively. You may also be processing your hair more, putting more colour through it so it’s getting more damaged. You may also not be working the product through your hair enough or maybe you need to change the products you use. Where Absolute Collagen will help is it will help get those dietary intakes correct and help to those cells structured and turn them over at the rate we want them to. We are all individual regarding menopause, it isn’t a sentence to having thinning hair and hair loss, there is so much we can do about it, and we do.

Psoriasis medication has made my hair loose a lot of hair. Absolute Collagen has helped this grow back, however curly, frizzy and dry... almost afro like! Any tips?

It would depend on what medication it is but I am guessing this will be steroid based. A lot of these work by thinning the skin to lift that excess skin away. There are other ways of dealing with it on the scalp that are much more gentle. When the hair has been traumatised and it begins to grow back it can change in texture. Using a really good conditioner will help to dumb down the waviness and frizziness. What you are looking to do is put moisture back into the hair, so something with glycerine in, which is good for smoothing the hair would be ideal. Also try steaming the hair to pull moisture back in and smooth the hair.

Should I stop dying my hair every 6 weeks, my hair is very dry, it almost feels like straw?

I assume you are doing a full head dye every 6 weeks, which can be a lot for the hair to take. This is because the hair at the root is fairly newly growing so that outer protective layer is intact, the hair lower down is what we call weathered, that protection is slightly worn. When we put dye on our hair it opens up the outer protection and it exposes that delicate protein in the middle. What you would be better doing is just a root dye every 6 weeks and then pulling the colour through every 8-12 weeks so you are giving the longer lengths time to recover and be conditioned rather than putting more and more dye in and overlapping it throughout the head. If you over-process it, your hair will feel dry because it gets dehydrated, this is because the outer cuticles are opened and the hair becomes starved of moisture. When you wet it, it floods and then it staves again so that is why it would be better not to put that colour through every 6 weeks.

Is it harmful to wash and blow dry your hair every other day?

I would advise you to wash your hair every day or everyday, it is a myth that it is self cleaning. If you were to look at hair under the microscope it is amazing what attaches to it. On the scalp we have the largest concentration of sebaceous glands, they produce sebum which is a waxy like sticky substance. So any dust, debris or fluff will stick to the scalp along with the skin cells and it won’t take long for the scalp and the hair to become congested in debris. Blow Drying is absolutely fine, as long as you're not super heating the hair. Not too high a heat and don’t use a metal brush to wrap around the hair and then put the hair dryer on as this will superheat it and cause breakage. Normal blow drying from a distance is absolutely fine and every other day is fine too. You will find that your hair and your scalp will feel and look better.

Why does my hair only reach a certain length and stop growing?

There is actually a very good reason for this and it consists of two parts. One of the 5 hair growth cycle phases is the anagen phase, this is the growing phase. roughly 85% of your hair is in this phase at any one time and it lasts for between 2 – 7 years. After this phase your hair sheds (Telogen phase), i.e if you have a short anagen phase your hair will shed after for instance 2 years of growth. The second factor contributing to hair length is your growth time. On average our hair grows 1-2.5cm per month. If you have a short anagen phase and a slow growth time this will mean your hair may not grow past a certain length.

Is there anything that can be done for male pattern baldness?

There is an awful lot that can be done for male pattern baldness and the more hair you have for us to work with the more that can be done. So with this the hair doesn’t actually fall out, you don't see this in the brush or in the shower, it miniaturises, it gets thinner and thinner until it loses the ability to grow. The treatments we have that are proven to work, work in a two phase way. The first phase stops the miniaturisation so they stabilise the hair and the second phase optimises it and brings the density back. The more hair you have the more we can work with, once it’s gone it's gone so ideally if he could it would be ideal to see somebody. Have the scalp accessed and have a look at the severity of it we will be able to tell you what can be done.

Watch the full Q&A here

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