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My Absolute Collagen Journey - Jacqueline

In this edition of My Absolute Collagen Journey, fabulous Absoluter Jacqueline shares how Absolute Collagen makes her feel - and how she believes it's important for younger women to be informed about the preventative benefits of collagen!

December 09, 2021

Photo on a yellow background showing a white woman with shoulder length brown hair, she is holding a bottle of Maxerum towards the camera and wearing a polka dot halterneck top

December 09, 2021

Welcome back to our fabulous series, My AC Journey, where we’re all about shining a spotlight on a different Absoluter each time, showcasing your amazing and unique stories!

In our previous blog, we heard from Michele, who is loving Absolute Collagen and feeling more self confident than ever.

Today, it’s Jacqueline’s turn to share her story with us - she’s a proud Absoluter passionate about the benefits of collagen and healthy living, and has seen some great results from using both our daily collagen drink and our collagen booster serum. Take it away, Jacqueline!

The Power of Absolute Collagen and Maxerum

Hello Absolute Collagen! I just wanted to say - it's nearly a monollagen th now since I started both the sachets and the serum together (how I love the serum!!) and OMG - it's just getting better and better!!

A bit about me… I’m Jacqueline, I’m 57, and I have a double life as an operations manager (think accountant) by day and a fitness instructor by night/weekends. I teach hardcore spin, weights, aerobics & HIIT - plus pilates and yoga for flexibility! I have always been very high energy and very fit and well (lucky I know) and I eat super healthily. (I do love a drink though - don't tell!)

HOWEVER, despite looking after myself, age is age and menopause is menopause!

Even though I've been on HRT for mental clarity and muscle ache - and really do appreciate it - I have still felt just “dry and empty” overall. Not an uncommon feeling, I think, for “midlife” women - as I prefer to call my demographic.

However, since taking Absolute Collagen, it's like I've had a gear change!

Tackling Tricky Skin

I usually have very “tricky” skin - especially under my eyes and on eyelids - and really, it's all so much better already. Plus my hair is thicker - signs of fresh regrowth on the sides - and my nails are epic.

My face is just softer, plumped (in a nice way) and just gentler and more dewy. My body overall feels more supple. It's really been so beneficial throughout my whole body - yes of course, the face is super important but the body works as a whole doesn't it - and how you FEEL inside goes a long way to how you LOOK on the outside!

This is me: 57 years old and I truly feel that I have my glow back.

Photo on a yellow background showing a smiling white woman in her fifties with shoulder length brown hair, she is holding a box of Absolute Collagen Mango & Mandarin flavour

The Importance of Preventative Collagen

The other thing I want to say is that I really hope women start to take collagen from age 35+. I know collagen begins to decline over time and I really hope women can be more informed from a younger age so they can benefit from it.

After all, we live so much of our lives post menopause and I feel like we should be working with our bodies to keep them supple and working well rather than just waiting until we need to “repair” them. I bang on to my daughters to start early and to be informed!

I really hope that others find their glow - in the way that AC has helped me to restore mine!

Inspired by Jacqueline and her passion for AC? Become an Absoluter today and begin your very own Absolute Collagen journey.

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