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Liquid Collagen Vs Powder Collagen, Pills, Injections & Creams: What’s The Best Way To Ingest Collagen?

Are you wondering how liquid collagen compares to powder, pills, creams & injections? Discover the best way to ingest collagen in our comprehensive guide.

June 19, 2020

Various types of collagen supplements, including powder, cream, capsules and liquid form.

June 19, 2020

Here at Absolute Collagen, we swear by liquid collagen for achieving a gorgeous glow and dewy, plumped up skin. However, for anyone new to the world of collagen supplements, we appreciate that it can be hard to wrap your head around the various ways they can be taken. From collagen drinks, powders and pills to collagen injections or face creams, the array of choice available begs the question, “what’s the best way to consume collagen”?

For this reason, we’ve produced a transparent and informative guide to collagen liquid vs powder, pills, injections and creams. Ease of absorption, dosage, versatility, and portability are just some of the factors we’ve taken into consideration. So, exactly how do they all compare? And, ultimately, what is the best way to ingest collagen? Read our comprehensive guide below to find out.

Two teaspoons containing collagen powder and collagen pills, on a pink background.

First Things First, What Is Liquid Collagen?

Basically, it is collagen in a ready to drink liquid form. At Absolute Collagen, our nifty little sachets contain an impressive 8000mg of hydrolysed marine liquid collagen. This refers to the fact our liquid collagen is sourced from fish and has undergone the hydrolysis process. Hydrolysis occurs when collagen fibres are broken down into small collagen chains known as collagen peptides. Here are just a few of the many benefits offered by liquid collagen:

  • Liquid collagen is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and efficiently than solid supplements (which your body has to work harder to extract nutrients from), as evidenced by studies into liquid bioavailability and absorption including here, here and here. In fact, the Physician’s Desk Reference states that 85-90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 to 30 seconds*. 
  • It’s proven to work! Several scientific studies back up the effectiveness of drinking collagen. Most notably, it’s been confirmed that drinking collagen stimulates collagen production in the body and encourages skin and tissue regeneration.

  • It’s convenient and easy to consume on the go, without having to dilute or mix it with water.
  • In liquid form, unlike powder or tablet, a more concentrated dose of vital ingredients can be packed into a small serving.

Liquid Collagen Vs Powder Collagen

Absolute Collagen is purely marine (fish) collagen. In comparison, collagen powders on the market generally derive from a combination of animal tissues such as cattle, pigs or fish. When processed, the proteins are turned into gelatine. This gelatine, in turn, is broken down further to form a powder. But why might people consider powder over liquid collagen?

Woman pouring collagen powder into a drink.

Collagen Powder Benefits

Just like Absolute Collagen’s liquid collagen, the main reason collagen powder can be such a popular supplement lies with the ease with which it can be added to both food and drinks. In fact, it can be added to almost anything – coffee, yoghurts, smoothies, you name it. In particular, collagen powder tends to be favoured by those who have a regimented routine for their breakfast, lunch and dinner and have the time spare to mix their collagen with other ingredients.

Collagen Powder Disadvantages

That said, unless collagen powder is mixed thoroughly, or if you have a sensitive palate, there is a risk of it producing a chalky taste. Plus, sticking to a regimented routine can be unrealistic. Whether the alarm on your phone fails you, or you simply overslept in the morning, collagen powder relies on having the time to mix it with your food. Whilst this can be negated somewhat by taking your collagen powder with you, most tubs on the market come in bulk sizes. This means it’s not always feasible to take it with you and consume it on the go. In this respect, a ready to use sachet (as with our liquid collagen) is much more convenient. Simply pop it in your handbag and it can be taken any time, any place. It doesn’t even require food or water.

As for taste, just like powder, liquid collagen doesn’t have an overly fishy odour or flavour. However, some of our #Absoluters have feedback that it produces a slightly bitter taste. This can also be resolved by adding your Absolute Collagen to a tasty drink or yoghurt.

A final drawback of collagen powder is that it can be hard to get a consistent dosage.

Man in a gym taking Absolute Collagen out of his bag.

Liquid Collagen Vs Pills, Capsules and Tablets

Collagen pills, capsules and tablets are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, there are some subtle differences. Firstly, Collagen pills are used as an overarching term and encompass both capsules and tablets. Capsules differ from tablets though, in that they typically have some kind of dissolvable encasing. Collagen pills follow the same process as collagen powder, however in this instance the final step sees the powder tightly pressed together to form a pill. So, what are the pros of consuming your collagen in this manner?

Pills lined up containing collagen supplements, on a yellow background.

Collagen Pills Benefits

Collagen tablets or pills can be a preferable method as it’s fuss free and doesn’t rely on mixing your collagen with another substance or food. No stirring, shaking or any other work is required. You can simply take them with water and be done. Pills also generally do not have an overwhelming taste or odour.

Collagen Pills Disadvantages

If you’re one of many people who have trouble swallowing a pill then, naturally, this method is not ideal. In contrast, liquid collagen can be quick and easy to consume. Dosage is an additional factor when it comes to collagen pills, capsules and tablets. Typically, they aren’t very big. Therefore, it’s possible you will have to take more pills to get a desired effect compared to a pre-mixed shot of liquid collagen. Finally, in contrast to tablets, which need to be further broken down by the body before they are absorbed, liquid collagen is more easily and quickly absorbed. Check out the graphic below to understand just how many collagen pills you would need to take per one Absolute Collagen sachet:

Graphic showing the absorption rate of Absolute Collagen.

Liquid Collagen Vs Collagen Injections

Collagen injections are a cosmetic procedure. Typically, bovine collagen is used for this. It involves injecting a highly purified form of this collagen, in different concentrations, into the skin to treat problematic areas. Unlike a collagen supplement, injections will not necessarily stimulate collagen production. Instead, they are used to fill out depressions in the skin such as wrinkles. Below we look at some of the benefits of undergoing this collagen treatment.

Female hand injecting a needle into an apple.

Collagen Injection Benefits

An immediate benefit of collagen injections is that they can deliver instant results for those who are concerned about wrinkles and clear signs of ageing.

Collagen Injection Disadvantages

Unlike any of the previous methods mentioned, including consuming liquid collagen, collagen injections are a serious procedure that requires careful thought and consideration. Rather than a simple diet and lifestyle change, this procedure is invasive and involves having a fine needle injected into your face. Even with prior allergy testing, there’s always a risk of an unexpected reaction too. This might result in redness, puffiness, bruising and tenderness around the area being treated.

Plus, injections rely on the help of a qualified dermatologist or healthcare professional. They cannot easily be administered at home by yourself or incorporated into a skin routine like liquid collagen can.

Finally, cost is certainly something to take into consideration if you’re pondering whether or not to get collagen injections. Typically, this procedure starts at around £250 in the UK and they must be repeated a minimum of two to four times a year to achieve the desired effect.

Woman looking in bathroom mirror whilst drinking Absolute Collagen.

Liquid Collagen Vs Topical Collagen Creams

Collagen creams, moisturisers and serums are topical ointments and lotions which contain collagen. Why might people consider a topical treatment over liquid collagen? We discuss this below.

Graphic showing how topical collagen creams work.

Collagen Cream Benefits

Some collagen creams are combined with additional ingredients, such as Vitamin C, which are beneficial for the skin and can stimulate collagen production. Similarly, Absolute Collagen is infused with Vitamin C, which works synergistically with our marine collagen for optimum skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal. Collagen creams are also well suited to those who enjoy a traditional skincare routine as opposed to taking supplements.

What are Collagen Cream Disadvantages

There is lots of debate surrounding whether topical collagen does in fact work. Indeed, collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to, ultimately, stimulate fibroblasts. Instead, a collagen mosituriser will sit idly on the top layer of the skin.

Image showing what’s ingredients are inside an Absolute Collagen sachet.

So, there we have it, the Absolute Collagen Guide to liquid collagen vs powder collagen, pills, injections & creams. Hopefully, the information we’ve provided has helped you reach a balanced and informed decision about the best way to ingest collagen.

Naturally, we believe that liquid collagen is the superior method of consumption. After all, the evidence speaks for itself. Not only does it have a drastically higher absorption rate than pills, it's easier to take on the go than powder, has been proven to stimulate collagen levels, it's non-invasive and provides the perfect dose, every single time. What’s not to love? We genuinely believe in our product and so do our loyal army of #Absoluters. Why not try Absolute Collagen’s liquid formula today?

*source: Physician's Desk Reference, page 1542, #49

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