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Collagen, Protein, and Sports Performance

Fitness enthusiasts unite! Collagen isn't just about boosting hair, skin and nails - it's a great source of protein, too. Read on for all you need to know!

June 15, 2022

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June 15, 2022

We’re always keen to chat about the beauty benefits of collagen, from rejuvenated skin and stronger nails to glossier, thicker-looking hair – but our collagen is equally about making you feel your absolute best, both inside and out.

Now, did you know that collagen is a protein?

Of course, protein is a huge buzzword in the world of health and fitness, and there are a number of different protein supplements available to choose from.

Two common examples of protein supplements include bone broth and whey powder. Bone broth is a source of collagen – however, in order to get the best quality, most effective, and most consistent dose of collagen, you need to take a daily liquid collagen supplement, such as Absolute Collagen, which contains 8000mg of premium hydrolysed marine collagen.

This is proven to be the most effective form of collagen and is protected from diseases that affect other sources of collagen like cows, chickens, and pigs.
Whey protein is popular among fitness fans for its ability to help build muscle – but how does it work?

Amino Acids in Whey Protein

As we often find in the world of collagen, it’s all about the amino acids! Whey protein and collagen protein have slightly different amino acid ratios – which is hardly surprising, since whey is a milk by-product, whereas collagen supplements are sourced from cows, chickens, pigs, and fish.

In broad terms, amino acids are vitally important for our bodies: they perform all kinds of tasks including muscle formation, aiding our metabolisms, and even helping us grow.

Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids, which is why it’s sometimes called a “complete protein.” 

Amino Acids in Absolute Collagen

Collagen protein is a little different in that it contains eight, rather than nine, of the essential amino acids. However, collagen contains several amino acids which aren’t often found in whey protein – or in our diets, for that matter! In fact, and in distinction to whey protein, collagen isn’t a major part of Western diets, so your daily liquid supplement is the perfect way to boost your natural collagen levels.

On top of this, collagen protein like AC is rich in proline, glycine, and hydroproline, which won’t be found in whey protein powders, shakes, or supplements.

Absolute Collagen has the added benefit of being hydrolysed. This just refers to a process in which the amino acids that make up collagen molecules have been broken into smaller chains that the body can efficiently absorb.

Whey protein, by contrast, is not always hydrolysed, and our bodies can take an hour and a half to absorb whey protein from protein shakes.

Infographic of all amino acids in AC drink

Collagen for Exercise

Leaving aside the differences described above, collagen is a source of protein, which has significant benefits in the world of sports and exercise. Not only can protein contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, but it can also contribute to growth in that all-important muscle mass and the maintenance of muscle mass.

With these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder our Absoluters love taking their daily, easily absorbed collagen supplements as part of a healthy exercise routine.

From yoga to marathons, our Absoluters are an energetic bunch – and we love helping them feel their absolute best!

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Testimonial of Amanda S

While everyone over the age of 25 will benefit from supplementing their dwindling levels of collagen, it’s especially beneficial as part of an active, healthy lifestyle. Start your Absolute Collagen journey today!

Try liquid marine collagen from £1.93 per day