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Collagen, Ageing, and the Menopause

Menopause can be challenging and every woman's experience is different. Read on for advice from top trichologist Eva Proudman and dermatologist Dr Ne Win, and see how Absolute Collagen has supported some of our fabulous Absoluters through their menopause experience.

April 22, 2022

Photo showing Maxine Laceby, a smiling white woman with short grey hair, standing outdoors

April 22, 2022

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found all over the body, from skin, hair, and nails to muscles, bones, and joints. As proteins go, it’s fabulously abundant – but we don’t produce the same amount all our lives.

From as early as 25, our collagen production begins to decline. By 50, we’ve lost around half of our collagen – and this age, for women, may well coincide with menopause, as the drop in oestrogen levels is also linked to dwindling collagen production.

Signs of Menopause

Of course, everybody is unique. Just look at our lovely Absoluters, who come from all walks of life - though they do tend to share that tell-tale Absolute Collagen glow!

As such, everyone’s experience of menopause will be different. For example, the average age that UK women reach the menopause is 51, but that can range from 45 to 55 – or even earlier, in the case of ‘premature menopause’ which can occur prior to our 40th birthdays.

Signs of menopause are many and varied, ranging from absent periods and trouble sleeping to issues around mood, memory, and concentration. On top of these new challenges, menopause can also have implications for skin and hair – issues that Team AC and our expert partners are well versed in managing!

Menopause and Skin

Menopause can have a big impact on our skin. Our expert dermatologist, Dr Ne Win, breaks down the tricky relationship between menopause and skin:

“As menopause progresses, loss of oestrogen results in a rapid decrease of collagen in your skin.

According to some studies, the initial five years after menopause can see collagen losses in the skin of around 30%. This collagen loss has several adverse effects on aspects of your skin, such as:

  • Elasticity
  • Hydration levels
  • Overall thickness
Infographic explaining how menopause impacts Collagen Levels

These changes aren’t just internal or invisible issues, but lead to textbook signs of ageing, including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Sagging jowls
  • Dry skin
  • Skin sensitivity

Collagen is absolutely vital for your skin – it holds everything together, and the menopause introduces new vulnerabilities and collagen loss that require a strong skincare routine.”

Menopause and Hair

We’re not just interested in skin here at AC HQ, but hair too! That’s why we never pass up an opportunity for a few words of wisdom from our resident trichologist, Eva Proudman MIT IAT, who recognises the difficulties that menopause can cause for our hair.

As Eva explains:

“Perimenopause can cause our menstrual cycles to fluctuate, leading to heavier and more frequent periods.

This leads to a loss of serum ferritin – also known as the iron in our bodies. Studies have found that low levels of ferritin lead to superfluous hair shedding, or telogen effluvium.”

By taking Absolute Collagen, which contains an amino acid called lysine, we can help our bodies to absorb iron and stop our ferritin stores from getting too depleted.

We’ve come across some inspiring stories of Absoluters seeing great results for their hair with Absolute Collagen – including Absoluter Michele, who is currently going through the menopause with extra energy thanks to our Vitamin C-packed expert formula.

Image of Michele AC Journey

Absolute Collagen and the Menopause

Going through the menopause can be tough – and we’re so proud of our supportive community of Absoluters who are always happy to share their experiences and help one another through the change.

Our Absoluters love taking Absolute Collagen as part of that process. With hydrated skin, stronger nails, and thicker-looking hair, our Absoluters find themselves getting their glow back, allowing them to go about an active lifestyle with confidence and flair – whatever their circumstances may be.

Kate B Testimonial
Image of Absoluter Sally with Testimonial
Image of Absoluter Vivienne with Testimonial

Menopause is a subject close to our hearts at Team AC. Our founder, Maxine Laceby, started Absolute Collagen at the age of 50 as her experience with the menopause made her re-evaluate how she treated her body. Or, as the Collagen Queen herself puts it:

“If my body was going to change, then I wanted to take ownership of what that change looked like. It was time to step into my own skin; it was time for me – time for Maxine.”

Absolute Collagen are here for you throughout the menopause – so if you’ve got any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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