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Why Absolute Collagen is the Best Beauty Supplement on Your Dressing Table

Heard about collagen supplements but not sure if they're right for you? We'll guide you through the beauty and wellness benefits of collagen in our latest blog.

January 14, 2021

Photo showing Maxine, Margot and Darcy Laceby sat on a bed while wearing dressing gowns and holding up Absolute Collagen boxes and Maxerum bottles

January 14, 2021

Collagen supplements are big in beauty right now - and for good reason. With proven benefits to skin, hair, and nails, it’s an easy beauty win from taking just one convenient little product.

At Absolute Collagen, we’re super proud of our award-winning collagen drink, packed with only the highest quality marine collagen. Did you know we won “Best New Beauty Supplement” at the 2019 CEW Awards? They’re known as the Oscars of beauty, so we were delighted to win such a prestigious award - and we’ve continued to bring our Absoluters the very best in beauty supplements throughout 2020, too.

But we get it - finding beauty supplements that work can be tricky. There are so many products, ingredients, price points, and adverts! So at Absolute Collagen, we like to let our customers and results speak for themselves. Just simple, truthful reviews from real people. Read on to find out why thousands of happy Absoluters rate Absolute Collagen the best beauty supplement on their dressing table.

The Best Beauty Supplement for Glowing Skin

We all love a dewy glow to our skin. It helps us look healthy and vibrant - and it’s easier to achieve than you might think! Just one sachet of Absolute Collagen per day can plump out wrinkles, reduce fine lines, and give you that fresh-faced, hydrated glow. It does this by triggering your body’s own collagen production when the collagen supplement is absorbed into your bloodstream. But don’t just take our word for it - see what our Absoluters have to say.

Photo of a white woman with pale hair wearing a dark grey cardigan, next to text on a yellow background describing how Absolute Collagen helped her get her glow back after four childrenCopper text on yellow background describing how an Absolute Collagen customer noticed a glow to her skin after taking Absolute CollagenBefore and after photos of a white woman with straight grey hair, alongside a quote describing the skincare benefits she experiences from taking Absolute Collagen

Plus, we've created the perfect partnership for dewy, nourished skin both inside and out: meet Maxerum, our new collagen-boosting serum. Collagen can’t actually be absorbed topically (i.e, through a cream or serum on the skin) so our clinically-proven anti-aging serum contains ingredients that stimulate collagen production instead, making it the perfect companion for our drinkable collagen supplement. Let the sachets take care of your skin from the inside, while Maxerum keeps it hydrated and protected against photo-aging and fine lines from the outside. Again, here we’d like to hand over to our fabulous Absoluters and their reviews - and you can read the results of our Maxerum clinical trial, too.

Copper text on a yellow background describing how Maxerum helps a customer's skin to retain a glowing appearancePhoto of a white woman with chin length blonde hair looking at the camera, alongside text on a yellow background describing how Absolute Collagen and Maxerum has helped her

The Best Beauty Supplement for Healthy Hair

Did you know collagen isn’t just found in the skin? Far from it - collagen also plays a huge role in hair health. Collagen contains essential amino acids needed by the hair, and helps boost the condition of hair in several ways. Firstly, it supports and increases the hair’s elasticity and tensile strength, meaning it is less prone to breakage and less brittle. Secondly, it improves the visible condition of the hair - we’re talking shiny, glossy, shampoo-advert style luscious locks! Thirdly, collagen helps hair grow thicker and longer; many people experience hair thinning or hair loss as a result of aging, and while it’s a natural change, we understand that it can be embarrassing and unwanted, so the good news is that Absolute Collagen can help!

And we’ve got results to back this up. A perception trial carried out by top UK Trichologist Eva Proudman found that participants who took Absolute Collagen all noticed an improvement in their hair and scalp health in as little as two weeks! Plus, here’s what some of our Absoluters have to say about Absolute Collagen and hair health.

Photo showing a selfie of a slightly smiling white woman with dark hair, next to text describing how Absolute Collagen has helped her hairCopper text on yellow background describing the hair benefits experienced by one customer taking Absolute CollagenCopper text on a yellow background describing the benefits to hair and eyelashes experienced by a customer taking Absolute CollagenBefore and after photos of a white woman with blonde hair showing increased hair growth from taking Absolute Collagen, below text on a yellow background describing how Absolute Collagen has helped her

The Best Beauty Supplement for Strong Nails

Another reason people take collagen supplements is for nail growth and health. Nobody wants brittle, broken nails - as well as potentially making us feel self conscious, they can be quite painful. Good news: not only is it great for hair and skin, but collagen can help support healthy nails, too! In fact, one study showed that ingesting collagen led to increased nail growth of 12% and decreased nail breakage of a massive 42%.

Here at Absolute Collagen we receive lots of feedback from happy Absoluters about the positive changes they’ve observed in their own nails - see what some of them are saying below.

Photo of a white older woman's hand wearing a ring and resting on a table, beside text on a yellow background describing how Absolute Collagen has helped her nailsCopper text on a yellow background describing how Absolute Collagen made a customer's nails stronger than they had ever been, even during a house renovation, above a photo in a roundel of a white woman's hands showing off her nails in a closed pose

Have you tried our award-winning liquid collagen yet? We’d love to hear from you if so - let us know what benefits you have noticed. And if you have further questions before trying Absolute Collagen for yourself, please do get in touch with our friendly team - we’re here to help!

Try liquid marine collagen from £1.93 per day