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5 Post-Workout Proteins You Need To Eat

We're sharing our top 5 post-workout snacks perfect for fitness buffs.

April 11, 2019

Picture of post workout proteins like nuts, avocados, and fish that you should eat

April 11, 2019

What you put into your body is just as important as what moves you do at the gym, and there’s no better recovery for an exercise session like post-workout protein.

Protein is vital for preserving muscle mass and plays a key role in keeping muscles and ligaments in top shape after a long workout. Ingesting protein post-workout helps you recover faster as protein provides muscles with essential amino acids.

It’s recommended that you chow down on a protein-fueled snack about 30 minutes after leaving the gym. Here are a few protein-packed bites that are perfect after a long gym session.

Whey protein powder

Everyone loves a good protein shake. Most smoothies and shakes contain whey powder, which is derived from milk and offers a lot of benefits for muscle mass. It’s a popular post-workout protein choice because it contains all nine essential amino acids and helps with weight loss.


They may be small but they sure pack a punch. Chickpeas are a great source of protein for vegetarians, vegans or exercise buffs who want to switch up their snack. A half cup of cooked chickpeas yields about 8 grams of protein, so simply snack on them plain or throw them into your favourite salads.


Collagen is a great post-workout protein option as it not only helps repair tissues but also improves joint pain. Switch up your protein intake with a daily dose of Absolute Collagen. Each 10ml sachet contains 7.7 grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids, as well as 8 grams of hydrolysed marine collagen - more collagen per serving than other brands. As an added benefit, it can also help your skin and hair too, and the options for taking it are endless. You can take Absolute Collagen straight from the sachet or add to a protein shake or smoothie of your choice, even add it to a cup of warm water or a glass of juice.

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Eggs are a great source of protein. One egg contains around 6 grams of protein, so scramble, hard-boil or poach your way to a healthier bod. For an added boost, eat your eggs with toast as carbs are also good for post-workout recovery. Whip up some avocado toast - avocados are high in healthy fats - and throw a poached egg on top for a delicious post-workout meal.

Greek yoghurt

Need a quick snack? Fat-free Greek yoghurt is a perfect option as it’s packed with protein as well as healthy bacteria that reduce inflammation in the gut. Mix in some berries and nuts for added antioxidant and fibre benefits. Greek yoghurt also has more protein than any other kind so stock your fridge with it for an easy on-the-go treat.

Your post-workout protein meals should replenish your energy levels, help you recover faster and aid any strain on your muscles and joints. It’s an important step after a long day at the gym.

Remember to always drink water too, and to take Absolute Collagen daily for the best results!

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